Returns, Refunds, & Policies—OH MY! 😱

Hola gente! On this page, you’ll find everything you need to know about our policies on products and services…plus (in true EXTRA fashion 💅🏾) a few other things 🤗.


We at WOKE MAGIC not sell or distribute your info to ANYONEthird party, our moms, Big Brother, and exs included.

We take your right to privacy and confidentiality VERY seriouslyas seriously as our own. (And that’s VERY serious.)

The only info we “collect” is if you voluntarily sign up for our newsletter and/or when you purchase a product/service from us. And even then it’s just your first name and email address (no blood type needed at this time 😜).

When and if you decide to opt-out of our newsletter, your info is completely deleted from our database (i.e. Mailchimp) and is not kept or tucked away anywhere else. We love ourselves a good solid boundary 🙌🏽.

If at any point in our time together (online or otherwise) you have any questions about how your information is used, please email us at Communication, transparency, and doing business radically differently aren't just jargon we added for effect, THEY ARE KEY COMPONENTS OF OUR CORE VALUES.   


We put a lot of time, love, and energy into everything we curate. And so do our creators. We package and send everything out into the world the same way too 🤎🖤🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️.

That being said, WE DO NOT OFFER REFUNDS on any of our products: digital books, physical books, products, and/or services.


We love, honor, and respect your time, money, and energy. And while all sales are final, we will always do our best to make things right, admit if we were wrong, and do everything in our power to correct the mistake. 

If it's a mistake on our end, we will fix it. If it's a mistake on the shipping end, we will fix it. If it's a mistake on your end, we can't fix it. But we are open to helping you out however we can. Email us at 

We are uber-transparent about everything. Please meet us in that space by shopping mindfully and intentionally 🤗. We are always here to answer any purchasing questions, make recommendations, and help you decide what product/service/class will be best for you. 

If you have ANY doubts, get to know WOKE MAGIC, our founder Brandi Amara Skyy, and our mission  and my work first before purchasing. (OR scroll ⬇️ to read who we are for [and who we're not!].)


Do what you love. NOW.


We are not for everyone.

But chances are neither are you.

But maybe, just maybe, we are perfect for each other. 

Find out below.



The truth-tellers, sage seekers, the philosophers, and deep thinkers.

The questioners, the wildlings, the troubadours, and cantadoras.

The radicals, rebels, ‘others’ and fringe-lings from the land of misfit toys.

The queens, kings, & in-betweens, the queerists, the andro, the genderless, intersectional, and the radically inclusive.

The eclectics, the avant-gardes, the Barefoot people, the hippies, and revolutionaries—the counter rather than the culture.

The readers, the pen monkeys, the artists, the deep lovers and thinkers.

The wonderseekers, the wanderers, the day and night dreamers—we are the dreamers of dreams.

The stargazers, luna lovers, magic makers, mystics, and people who seek more than meets the eye.

The healers, curanderas, and lightworkers, and others whose focus is on healing the whole rather than treating the parts.

The manifesters, the changemakers, the be-changers, the dent makersin ourstory and the universe.

The untethered, uninhibited, the wild dreamers, the passion-filled, the duende seekers.

The renaissance souls, the both/and-ers, the bridges and connectorsthe nepantleras.

Those who may not be any of thisyet, but feel the rumble within them and the stir to become a better version of themselves. And usher in a better, all-inclusive, decolonized world. 

This is your home.

And WE are your gente (people).✊🏾✊🏿✊🏽✊🏼